Careers, Programs and Classes

Careers Programs Classes Madison Area Technical College

Madison College students generally start their college search with a program in mind. As the most popular entrance page into, Careers, Programs and Classes required much strategy, collaboration and development during the website redesign.

I guided the strategy behind several UX elements on this page, including translating usability tests and analytics into student-focused features and functions.

  • CTA buttons (“Find Your Classes” and “Search Classes”)
  • Career interest dropdown menu based on SEO keywords
  • Filter, sort and search options and design
  • Degree Correlation with current semester enrollment data

Each program on this landing page links to dynamic, search-optimized program pages.

Accounting program page Madison College

I created search-optimized URLs for every program page based on keyword research and worked with content owners to design a standard format for program content. I trained content owners in SEO and program page formatting to ensure search-ability and consistency.

Program page content was organized into a new tab design, each tab in the typical order prospective students seek program information. To streamline content accuracy, I coordinated with the web development and academic services teams to ensure the curriculum tab was automatically updated from an existing program database. Plans are in place to add dynamic data to most of the tabs in the future.