Transfer Programs and Partnerships Transfer Opportunities

With Transfer Services at Madison College already knowing students had difficulty navigating their webpages, they were ready for an overhaul. Their new student experience started with a meeting. We identified audiences, needs and challenges. From there, we eventually ended up with an information architecture mapped on a whiteboard and a plan to implement it.


The Transfer Opportunities page required the most UI and UX design. Audience and content analyses from our first meeting were used to guide filter and search options, tooltips and program page links. Collaboration with several IT teams allowed for the database behind this page to become more robust and be incorporated into the existing database behind the Careers, Programs and Classes page. This solution streamlined data management to the benefit of website infrastructure and human labor.

Transfer Opportunities Madison Area Technical College

A separate but related project was the design of the University Partnership Center page. With a client group that was particularly non-technical, I translated many needs, expectations and possibilities between the clients and IT teams. Many iterations later, we created a non-student page that incorporated the same design standards as other data-driven webpages and met the client’s needs.

Madison College UPC Page